Celebrating 20 Years - Arthur Dick

Friday, May 24th, 2024

Twenty years ago, an idea took root, driven by passion, creativity, and the boundless potential of the early web. It was the beginning of a personal site that would not just endure but evolve over two eventful decades. Today, as I celebrate this significant milestone, it's hard not to muse over the journey that has been. And yet, in a twist that life often presents, my site has become a living testament to the age-old proverb, "The shoemaker's children go barefoot."

In the world of digital craftsmanship where I've devoted my career to creating, enhancing, and advising on the online presence of countless enterprises and individuals, my personal site has often lagged behind. Not for lack of love or desire, but perhaps because it embodied the essence of home – a place of comfort that didn't demand constant attention to thrive.

Nonetheless, this website has been far more than a mere digital footprint; it has been a canvas of my evolution both personally and professionally. With every project completed for others, a piece of that learning and growth translated into subtle improvements and updates within this space. It may not always have been evident to the casual observer, but those modifications were significant milestones in my journey.

The proverb "The shoemaker's children go barefoot" often paints a picture of negligence. But in the context of my site, it represents a different narrative – one of prioritization and the inherent sacrifice in the pursuit of greater endeavors. It speaks to the reality of professionals who pour so much into their work that their own projects naturally take a backseat. Yet, this does not diminish their value or the depth of their expertise.

In celebrating 20 years, it's crucial to embrace this paradox fully. It's a reminder that perfection isn't the goal but progress. While the site might not showcase the latest trends or features, it stands as a testament to a career built on dedication, learning, and an undying passion for the web. It's authentic, harboring stories of success and lessons from setbacks – each page, a chapter of a much larger narrative.

As I mark this anniversary, it's a time for reflection but also a point from which to launch into the future. The journey ahead is about blending the wisdom of the past with the innovation of tomorrow. It's about recognizing that while the site might sometimes 'go barefoot,' it does so walking a path that has fostered growth, creativity, and lasting relationships.

In the spirit of celebration, let's look forward to more years of making a mark, not just through my work but through this personal space that, despite its simplicity, carries the weight of two decades of digital exploration. Here's to the joys, challenges, and the incredible journey of creativity that lies ahead. Thank you for being a part of this story – the story of a digital craftsman whose creations have helped countless others walk tall online, while his own "children" have sometimes gone barefoot. But even in that barefootedness lies a testament to the path traveled, the lessons learned, and the miles yet to explore.

Digital Reverie

In cyberspace where dreams and thoughts take flight,
my humble site has weathered twenty years,
yet oft neglected in its digital sphere,
beneath the weight of daily tasks in sight.

Like the cobbler's kin with shoes worn thin,
my site, though born to showcase grand design,
lies dormant, longing for its time to shine,
its potential obscured by life's din.

But now, as years unfurl their silent grace,
I pause to honor what this space has meant,
through trials faced and joys it did embrace,
a testament to dreams in pixels lent.

So here's to two decades, though oft ignored,
A beacon still, by passion's flame adored.

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