Photo Albums - Arthur Dick

Arethusa Cirque Larches

Autumn landscape with golden larch trees in front of snow-capped mountains under a cloudy sky.Golden larch trees in an autumn forest under a blue sky with scattered clouds.Autumn landscape with golden larch trees against a backdrop of a rocky mountain slope under a partly cloudy sky.

Camping 2014

A Siamese cat named Skittles with striking blue eyes, wearing a red harness, sits amidst green foliage, looking alert and curious.A serene lake nestled amidst towering mountains at dusk, with pastel-colored clouds filling the sky.A rushing waterfall cascading down rocky terrain surrounded by lush green trees and moss-covered rocks.

Larches at Sunshine 2012

Close-up of golden larch tree branches against a blurred background.Autumn foliage along a hiking trail with red and orange leaves, dried grass, and rocky terrain.Autumn landscape with a tranquil lake surrounded by yellow and green trees, rocky mountains in the background, and a clear blue sky above.

August 2012 Storm

A bright, jagged lightning bolt illuminates the dark night sky.A bright flash of lightning illuminates the dark night sky behind silhouettes of tall trees.Jagged lightning streaks across the sky during a thunderstorm at night.

Larches at Sunshine 2011

Fall foliage creates a colorful path through the woods.A scenic view of a lake nestled in the mountains with colorful trees in the foreground on a cloudy day.A hiking trail disappearing into a thick forest with a backdrop of mountains.

Interlakes Camping 2011

A calm lake at sunset, reflecting the colorful sky and silhouetted by mountains in the distance.A peaceful scene of a lake at the foot of a rugged mountain range, with clouds drifting across the sky.A campfire burns in a contained metal fire pit.

Stampede 2011

A close-up photo of a lit-up carnival ride at night.A ferris wheel at a fairground with text listing fairground treats.A dazzling fireworks display lights up the night.

Aurora 2010

Faint aurora above a dark cloudy sky, with an orange glow on the horizon.A silhouette of a person standing outdoors at night, with a starry sky and faint clouds in the background.A dark night sky with silhouettes of trees in the foreground and a mountain illuminated by orange light in the background. Stars are visible scattered across the sky.

Grassi Lakes 2009

Several people are rock climbing on a cliff overlooking a valley with a river and forest. In the background, there are majestic mountains.A rock with a plaque attached to it. The plaque reads: IN APPRECIATION OF LAWRENCE GRASSI 1890 - 1980 MASTER TRAILMAKER HE SOUGHT NEW PATHS, MADE ROUGH PLACES SMOOT, POINTED THE WAY TO HIGHER LEVELS AND LOFTIER ACHIEVEMENTSA rushing mountain stream flowing through a lush forest with moss-covered rocks and trees.