Larches at Sunshine 2011 - Arthur Dick

Sunlight filters through the branches of tall larches as a path winds through a dense autumn forest. The larches boast needles of a brilliant yellow.
Path Bridge
A still lake reflects the overcast sky, with trees lining the shore.
Larix Lake
Coniferous trees with bright yellow foliage in a fall season forest.
A fall scene of a forest path with colorful leaves on the ground. The path leads towards a large tree in the background.
Big Old Larch
Sunlight filters through the leaves of tall trees lining a crystal-clear stream.
Larch trees, with their golden needles, line the banks of a stream in a scenic autumn landscape.
Stream Two
A winding dirt trail leads through a forest of bright yellow trees.
A narrow path through a grove of trees with brown leaves on the ground.
Trail Two
Fall foliage creates a colorful path through the woods.
Trail Three
A scenic view of a lake nestled in the mountains with colorful trees in the foreground on a cloudy day.
Rock Isle Lake
A hiking trail disappearing into a thick forest with a backdrop of mountains.
Sunshine Meadows
Under a blanket of gray clouds with rain falling. The vibrant wildflowers are less visible, with mountains in the distance.
Unpredictable Weather
A tree in fall with yellow foliage against a crisp blue sky.
Larch Tree