Larches at Sunshine 2012 - Arthur Dick

A serene alpine landscape with a clear blue lake surrounded by rugged mountains and autumn-colored trees.
Rock Isle Lake
A landscape with rocky terrain covered in autumnal trees, including evergreens and deciduous trees with yellow-orange leaves.
Rock Face
Golden larch trees against a clear blue sky in an autumn landscape.
Big Larch
Autumnal forest with golden larch trees against a backdrop of mountains under a clear blue sky.
Autumn scene with several tall coniferous trees displaying golden-yellow needles against a blue sky.
Glowing Larch
Close-up of golden larch tree branches against a blurred background.
Larch Branch
Autumn foliage along a hiking trail with red and orange leaves, dried grass, and rocky terrain.
Fall Colours
Autumn landscape with a tranquil lake surrounded by yellow and green trees, rocky mountains in the background, and a clear blue sky above.
Rock Isle Lake Two
Mountain landscape with pine trees in the foreground and a clear blue sky in the background.
Hiking Down
A landscape photo showing a tall tree with golden-yellow leaves surrounded by green coniferous trees and shrubs. The background consists of mountains and a clear blue sky.
Another Big Larch
A stone fireplace surrounded by trees in a forest, with ashes and burnt wood in the fire pit.