Stampede 2011 - Arthur Dick

Fireworks light up the night sky in a dazzling display of blue color and light.
Bright bursts of red, green, gold, and blue light fill the dark night sky.
Fireworks 2
A group of fireworks exploding in a dark night sky. The fireworks are colorful and bright, with streaks of red, green, gold, and blue.
Fireworks 3
A white fireworks display erupts in a black night sky, with the silhouette of a building in the foreground.
Fireworks 4
Tents on the grounds of the Calgary Stampede.
The Grounds
Signs advertising food vendor at the Calgary Stampede.
The Grounds 2
A photo of the Calgary Stampede at night, with a brightly lit Ferris wheel in the background.
The Grounds 3
A close-up photo of a lit-up carnival ride at night.
Mega Drop!
A ferris wheel at a fairground with text listing fairground treats.
Ferris Wheel
A dazzling fireworks display lights up the night.
More Fireworks